Meet the only Barbie designer from Taiwan, Abs Breen

Taiwanese Barbie fashion designer taught himself everything he knows

Abs Breen is a self-taught Barbie fashion designer and stylist. (Photo: Flickr)

Abs Breen is a self-taught Barbie fashion designer and stylist. (Photo: Flickr)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The exclusive Barbie fashion design team at Mattel is lucky to include one designer from Taiwan, Abs Breen (劉懿衛).

Abs Breen originally studied Chinese Literature in university but when it came to learning about Barbie and the world of design, he has become an impressive autodidact. He meticulously studied all things Barbie, taught himself to sew Barbie-sized apparel, and in the process amassed over 600 Barbie dolls.

Breen first gained recognition through a personal blog to showcase his Barbie designs over nine years ago, reports UDN. Bigwigs at Mattel quickly took notice and offered him a job. Of the 50 designers styling Miss Barbie at that time, Breen was the only one from Taiwan.

Breen first sketches his idea for a garment by hand, then selects the texture, material, and stitching, he told Liberty Times Net. His interest in miniature design began from playing around with Barbie's different clothes for fun as a kid, not out of design prowess.

Every year Breen creates about 120 different outfits, including garments, shoes, and hairstyles. So far 13 of his complete looks are on the market.

Of all the looks, Breen says his favorite items to design are swimsuits.