Creepy Santa sighted on Taipei subway

Creepy Santa Claus spotted on Taipei's airport MRT looks a bit like a scene from the horror film 'The Shining'


Lonely Santa on Taipei subway. (PTT image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese netizens have been spooked by photos of a creepy Santa Claus mannequin seeming to ride the hauntingly empty Taoyuan Airport MRT solo, straight out a scene from the spine-chilling film "The Shining."

When boarding the Taoyuan Airport MRT, a Taiwanese person was astonished to encounter an empty car decorated with fake ice and snow and a Santa Claus mannequin sitting alone. The MRT passenger then shared photos of the scene on the popular online discussion platform PTT on Monday (Dec. 4). 

After posting the images, the netizen said, "I'm in the first wave of people to see the Santa, but seeing this at night might scare someone to death!"

This eerie scene is called the "Christmas Painted Train" and is unique to this particular train, which is sponsored by the Gloria Outlets mall. The train is designed with a winter theme that includes simulated ice with a crack down the middle and a particularly nefarious-looking Santa Claus mannequin. 

(PTT image)

(PTT image)