Designs for futuristic skyscraper in Central Taiwan released

The Intelligence Operation Center of Taichung was designed by French architect Elizabeth Portzamparc

Intelligence Operation Center concept art (courtesy of Elizabeth de Portzamparc)

Intelligence Operation Center concept art (courtesy of Elizabeth de Portzamparc)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The French architect who won the bid for the construction of a new skyscraper planned for Taichung, has made the concept art available to the public online.

Elizabeth de Portzamparc is the mind behind the next generation skyscraper that will eventually join the Taichung city skyline. The structure, called the Intelligence Operation Center, will be over 800 feet tall, and will incorporate natural light and greenery heavily throughout the structure.

The design of the Operation Center is intended to blend with the surrounding urban environment while also reflecting a balance with nature by including parks and greenery on every level of the structure.

In addition to residential neighborhoods, the building will contain a digital culture center, retail stores, restaurants and office space. An open ribbon-shaped walkway of connected ramps will also wind around the lower terraced levels of the structure.

The most innovative aspect of the total design is the idea that floors are not simply piled on top of one another, but that inclined ramps or "streets" will connect the neighborhoods on different levels throughout the entire development.

The report at e-architect says that "The Taichung Intelligence Operation Center was conceived as an architectural manifesto," to promote technological connectivity and human interaction.

Although the design looks impressive, the City of Taichung has had difficulties in recent years carrying out next generation tower construction projects, with multiple designs adopted and scrapped for the planned Taiwan Tower.

Hopefully, the Intelligence Operation Center will prove more successful in its development. The development is planned to be a part of the Taichung Gateway Park in Taichung's Xitun District according to Liberty Times.

(Image courtesy of Elizabeth de Portzamparc)