Lenovo jumps the gun and lists Taiwan as part of China

Lenovo customer support page changed to show Taiwan as 'China' and shows Chinese Taipei Olympic flag next to it


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Chinese computer maker Lenovo, the second largest in the world, has decided to go ahead and take the political stance of listing Taiwan as part of China on its customer service page, even though this in fact is not the case.

Taiwanese netizens have recently discovered and reported to Apple Daily that Lenovo's PC support page at https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/tw/zh/regemail now lists Taiwan on its drop down menu of countries with "(China)" listed next to it, along with the Chinese Taipei Olympic flag, instead of its actual national flag. This is the official page on which Lenovo provides technical support for its products and software downloads.  

Previously, the page listed the national flag of Taiwan and simply said "Taiwan." Thus far, Lenovo has not responded to requests by the media for comment.

Beijing considers Taiwan to be a rogue province that must be "reunified" with China, by force if necessary. While Taiwan in fact has a separate, democratically elected government, the only such directly elected government in the Chinese-speaking world. 

After the latest affront to the country by yet another Chinese organization, Taiwanese netizens were less than amused:

"Sept. 2017 In the U.S., Lenovo is fined US$3.5 million for pre-installed malware
Aug. 2015  Lenovo is overbearing! Lenovo laptops automatically re-install removed (bloatware) software.
Feb. 2015 Lenovo finally apologizes, confirming that its laptops come pre-loaded with malware.
Feb. 2015 Lenovo computers found to be pre-installed with trojan viruses, resulting in search results being tampered with."

"The previous IBM laptops were of good quality, but after being sold to Lenovo, the quality has become very poor. It's not on my list of things to buy."

"Lenovo is China's famous crappy brand... this is not surprising = ="