Tigerair offering early bird special on summer flights to Okinawa 

Tigerair offering NT$1,099 early bird special for summer flights to Okinawa

Furuzamami Beach, on Zamami Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

Furuzamami Beach, on Zamami Island, Okinawa Prefecture. (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Low-cost airline Tigerair is offering an early bird special on discounted flights from Taiwan to Okinawa, Japan for the spring and summer of next year, effective today and tomorrow, as part of a series of coming summer travel promotions. 

The two-day promotion is running from Dec. 5 - 6, and includes a one-way tax-free ticket from Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport to Okinawa Naha Airport for travel any time between Mar. 25 and Oct. 27 for the price of NT$1,099 (US$36). The promotion includes the Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and National Day holidays. 

Tigerair announced that the first wave in a series of summer travel promotions started at 10 a.m. today and will continue until the end of the day tomorrow. The discount program will use the promo code ITSUMMER. If consumers use the promotional code and find a fare that is crossed out and at a relatively low price, they can also enjoy a 10 percent discount. 

If consumers miss out on the early bird promotion price, they can still use the promotional code to receive a discount.

The second wave of the promotion will take place from Dec. 12 - 13 and will offer one-way flights from Taoyuan to Macau, Taichung to Macau, and Kaohsiung to Macau, all for the price of NT$69. A second tier of prices will include one-way flights from Taoyuan to Fukuoka, Kaohsiung to Fukuoka, and Taoyuan to Jeju Island, all for NT$1,199.

A third discounted fare will include one-way flights from Taoyuan to Tokyo (Narita), Kaohsiung to Tokyo (Narita), and Taoyuan to Tokyo (Haneda), all for the price of NT$1,299. 

For more information about the promotion visit the Tigerair website