2017 Hakka Expo in Taipei showcases the beauty of Hakka culture

The Hakka Affairs Council of Taiwan is hosting a Hakka Expo this week at Taipei's Nangang Exhibition Center

An art exhibit at the Hakka Expo Dec. 2-10

An art exhibit at the Hakka Expo Dec. 2-10 (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Hakka Affairs Council of Taiwan is hosting a Hakka Expo and cultural fair this week at Taipei's Nangang Exhibition Center.

The event opened on Saturday Dec. 2 with a performance of a special song by the well-known Hakka singer Urban Cat. Javelin thrower and gold medal athlete, Zheng Zhaocun was also at Saturday's event to officially kick off the 9 day event.

The expo, which is free to enter, is intended to showcase the beauty of Hakka culture, including food, crafts, textiles and agricultural products.

At this year's expo, the Hakka Affairs Council wants to emphasize a spirit of harmony between the people and the land, which is reflected in many aspects of traditional Hakka culture.

The Expo is divided into a few different areas, each one highlighting an important aspect of Hakka culture and lifestyle. In one area, exhibits showcase the relationship of Hakka people to the land they have cultivated for generations, examining their industrious history of agriculture and famous terraced tea farms.

Another area offers an on-site restaurant where visitors can not only learn about the distinctive and delicious cuisine of the Hakka people, but they can try it for themselves.

Other areas showcase some of the unique artwork, handicrafts, and textiles that Hakka people are famous for. Visitors can learn about Hakka blue dye work, and traditional wood lacquering techniques.

The Hakka Affairs Council invites the public to come enjoy Hakka art and culture, and also to have taste of Hakka cuisine, and try some amazing local products of the local Hakka community in Taiwan.

Information of the Hakka Expo which runs until Dec. 10, is available at the event website, which is in Chinese. The site also has an innovative VR tour of the Expo grounds.

Opening ceremonies of the 9 day 2017 Hakka Expo (Image: CNA)