Traffic light man in southern Taiwanese city to get a girlfriend 

Traffic lights depicting a couple are expected to be installed soon in Pingtung County, Taiwan


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Everyone hates waiting at red lights when it seems to take forever to turn green. To save drivers from the boredom of waiting, Pingtung County Police Bureau is planning to add a female figure to the area's pedestrian traffic lights.

The couple traffic light will first be installed around the new Pingtung Station. The figures are depicted holding hands walking across the street when the light is green, and when the light turns red, the traffic man (xiaolüren) will kneel down and propose to his girlfriend with a love heart appearing between them.

The Pingtung government has issued its tender document for the new traffic light project, so it won't take long before pedestrians will be able to see the couple traffic light.

Some cities around the world have already changed their little traffic light man into a female figure, while some have also created same-sex couple lights, or lights with animals, or some famous cartoon character.

Pedestrian traffic lights depicting female figures were installed in Melbourne, Australia in March as part of a lobby group's push for gender equality.

Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, a country located between Russia and China, features horses rather than humans. Mongolians are passionate horse riders, stretching back to the times of the Mongol Empire when the nation conquered much of Asia on horseback.

The Dutch city of Utrecht has banished the traffic man image for a bunny instead. Lights in the city center feature Miffy, a beloved Dutch cartoon rabbit character.