Snow in Taiwan's mountains possible this weekend

Taiwan's Jade Mountain and Hehuan Mountain likely to see first snow of winter as strong cold air mass approaches

Snowfall at Hehuanshan, central Taiwan

Snowfall at Hehuanshan, central Taiwan (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the first cold air mass of the winter approaches Taiwan and winds increase from the northeast, temperatures in northern Taiwan could dip to as low as 13 degrees Celsius tomorrow (Dec 5) and by the weekend temperatures should be cold enough and conditions sufficiently moist to increase the likelihood of snowfall on Yushan and Hehuashan, according to a CNA report. 

CWB forecaster Cheng Chuan-fang (程川芳) said that northeast winds have started to gain strength today and mercury will start to drop from Tuesday night through early Wednesday morning, when the temperatures will be the coldest, reaching around 14 degrees in Greater Taipei, while coastal areas could be as low as 13 degrees. Central Taiwan will drop to 15 to 16 degrees, which would mirror temperatures in nearby China. 

However, as there is less moisture in this approaching front, there will only be winds seen in northern Taiwan and brief showers in northeastern Taiwan. 

Cheng said that by Friday, another cold front will approach Taiwan with a similar intensity of the current cold wave that is arriving Tuesday. However, because it is expected to bring more moisture, Yushan and Hehuanshan could possibly see the first snowfall of the winter in Taiwan over the weekend.

On Friday, Yushan is expected to see temperatures 3 to 4 degrees below 0 and Hehuanshan will see the mercury dip to minus 1, but snow is not considered likely until Saturday, when moister air will roll in, according to CWB data.