Stunning Taiwan nature documentary, “Bao Dao,” released

New nature documentary worships Taiwan's graceful landscapes 


"Bao Dao" is a treat for the eyes. (Film still from BaoDaoTai FB page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Forestry Bureau (農委會林務局) collaborated with renown nature photographers on the documentary, “Bao Dao: An island sheltering nature’s treasures (保島),” and it can now be viewed online, reported CNA.

The film is a reminder of the beauty unseen from inside the city yet enveloping each one. It is a reminder that these natural wonders, no matter how mighty and self-replenishing, need protecting.

Film still from BaoDaoTai FB page

Around 19% of Taiwan belongs to one of 95 protected nature areas, including nature reserves, national parks, and wildlife conservation areas. Of these 95 areas, 85 are managed by the Forestry Bureau.

Film still from BaoDaoTai FB page

Veteran nature photographer, Zhan Chia-lung (詹家龍), led the project’s creative development. Chen entrusted the best aerial photographers to capture Taiwan’s sprawling views and then coupled the footage with time-lapse photography and high-speed photography techniques.

The film took over two years to complete.

“Bao Dao” uses the human body as an analogy for land, anthropomorphizing contrasting landscapes around the island as if characters in a story.  The central mountain range running through the island, for instance, plays the part of the backbone. This approach is meant to highlight the cooperation and tension found in the natural world.

Film still from BaoDaoTai FB page

The film cements the relationship between Taiwanese people and the land. Sections of land became estranged after rapid modernization and this must be addressed.