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Gordon Ramsay praises Taiwanese-American contestant Jason Wang in Masterchef

Jason Wang cooks local dish clam soup.

Screenshot from Masterchef Season 8 on Star World

Screenshot from Masterchef Season 8 on Star World

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)- In the latest episode of Masterchef Season 8, Taiwanese-American contestant Jason Wang used onion, ginger, basil and clams to cook a famous local dish - clam soup. This dish earned the commendation of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay when he said that it tastes heavenly.

Jason Wang's actual occupation is a high-school music teacher. His culinary skills were inspired by his mother and by Taiwan's food culture. In this particular episode, contestants have to do up a dish from specific kinds of seafood such as the Pacific sea urchins, soft-shell crab, clams, geoducks etc.

When Jason was asked about his intentions for the dish, he replied by saying:" As i teach music, i want to use my skills as a conductor to create a delicious dish."

Ramsay is a Scottish-born British celebrity chef who has parlayed a blunt personality into a TV cooking show empire.

Updated : 2022-01-22 22:21 GMT+08:00