HBO Asia announces The Teenage Psychic is to film series 2

Fret not, The Teenage Psychic is coming back

Photo Courtesy of The Teenage Psychic

Photo Courtesy of The Teenage Psychic

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –HBO Asia announced continuations of its The Teenage Psychic series.

As Year 2017 coincides with HBO Asia's 25th anniversary. They also announced that HBO Asia's plan in the next few years, which includes the filming of the next series of The Teenage Psychic. The Teenage Psychic is HBO Asia's first Chinese language series and the first shot on locations in Taiwan. It revolves around a 16-year-old girl, starred by Taiwanese singer and actress Kuo Shu-yau, who was born with the ability to see spirits.

This year, HBO Asia launched Halfworlds, a dark action fantasy series that talks about a world of mythological Demits that collides with the human world in Jakarta. It marked HBO Asia's first returnable series.

The Teenage Psychic received two nominations for the 22nd Asian Television Awards.