'Mom it hurts': Dying words of boy hit by truck

After being hit by a delivery truck, 11-year-old boy's final words to his mother are 'Mom it hurts'

CCTV video of boy being struck by truck.

CCTV video of boy being struck by truck. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --  Last Friday (Nov. 24), while running across the street to make it to a cram school, a male elementary school student in Taoyuan City was struck by a delivery truck, and before succumbing to his injuries, his dying words to his mother were, "Mom it hurts," reported TVBS.

At noon on Nov. 24, an 11-year-old 4th grade student had just finished school, but because the cram school teacher had failed to pick him up that day, he had no choice but to rush to the center himself. Halfway to the center, CCTV video shows the child running down the edge of the street (no sidewalk present) and then suddenly darting into the middle of the street where he was instantly struck by a blue, flatbed delivery truck. 

In the video, the driver shows no signs of stopping or slowing down and the boy is swiftly run over by the speeding vehicle. The truck does seem to turn slightly to the left, but it exacerbates the situation by turning directly into the path where the boy was trying to dodge the truck. 

The truck driver appears to have failed to notice the fact that the young child had clearly been running in front of it for quite a distance, and that even if the boy had not deviated from his path, there was little to no clearance between the vehicle and the child as it barreled down the road.

The 25-year-old driver of the truck, surnamed Chen (陳), was not found to have alcohol in his system and police are charging him with negligent homicide. 

In a bizarre twist of fate, the boy's parents, who live just 100 meters away from the school, just happened to be walking down the street when the mother saw a child sprawled on the street and she recognized him to be her son. She immediately rushed to his side, where he uttered his final words, "Mom it hurts." He was then rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. 

As his cram school teacher had failed to pick him up from school that day, it is speculated that he was anxious about being alone and was in a hurry to make it to the cram school as soon as possible. The distance from the school to the cram school is 350 meters and takes about five minutes to walk. 

When the mother confronted the cram school's management about the failure to pick up her child, they said that they only provide such a transfer service to students in grades 1 through 3. However, the parents could not find this explanation acceptable as they claim they had in fact been offering this service to their child. 

Truck which struck and killed elementary school student. (CNA image)