Video shows former New Taipei councilwoman punch cop in drunken rage

Former New Taipei councilwoman Li Wan-yu caught on camera in a drunken rage again hitting a cop and neighbor

Li Wan-yu today in court.

Li Wan-yu today in court. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Less than two months after a drunken fit caught on camera, former New Taipei councilwoman Li Wan-yu (李婉鈺) is being charged for assaulting a friend's neighbor and a police officer early this morning, and was released on NT$50,000 bail, reported Liberty Times.

At 12:30 a.m. this morning, Taipei police received a report that as the intoxicated Li was looking for the apartment of a female friend at her house on Section 3 of Zhongxiao East Road, she rang the doorbell of the wrong room and an argument soon ensued with the female occupant of the apartment, according to the Liberty Times report.

As the argument heated up between Li and the neighbor, Li struck the woman in the face with her hand. Police who arrived at the scene had to struggle mightily to separate the crazed Li from the hapless neighbor, but once she was escorted outside of the building she seemed to calm down.

However, once she was in the parking lot and she spotted a police video camera, her temper flared up again and she shouted at the police "Who is your chief? What are you being so arrogant about?"

She then punched an officer surnamed Wang (王) in the face, causing a contusion to his lip. Immediately after punching the cop, she tried to rip the camera out of his hands.

Today's incident was not the former model and flight attendant's only brush with the law while intoxicated. On Oct. 3 while employees of a Hong Kong Style Dimsum restaurant in New Taipei City's Banqiao District were celebrating Mid Autumn Festival by having a barbeque in the parking lot of a car wash, a heavily inebriated Li leaped out of her car and repeatedly asked to see the manager of the car wash. She then proceeded to continually harass employees on the scene for a period of 20 minutes, much of which was captured on camera and broadcast to TVs across Taiwan.

Despite the efforts of restaurant staff to calm her, the police were eventually brought in to restrain her.

Officer Wan showing the injury sustained to his lip after Li hit him. (CNA image)