Teacher sentenced for sexually abusing 11-year-old student

Teacher in Taichung sentenced to 9 years for engaging in sexual acts with his 11-year-old female student 41 times

(Image by Tinker Air Force Base)

(Image by Tinker Air Force Base)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An elementary school teacher in Taichung has been sentenced to nine years in prison after being convicted of sexual assault, engaging in sex with a minor, and forced obscenity (強制猥褻罪), reported Liberty Times.

What began as a sexual assault against his 11-year-old student in 2014, evolved into a "relationship" between a teacher, identified as A-chiang (阿強), and his student, given the fictitious name Hsiao-chen (小真), in which 41 more sexual encounters took place. These sexual acts took place in the school's classrooms, in love hotels, A-chiang's home, and even in parking lots.

According to court testimony, A-chiang first seduced Hsiao-chen by inviting her to the teachers' lounge to watch the film "L’amant" (The Lover), a sexually explicit film about an illicit affair between a teenage French girl and a wealthy Chinese man in French Indochina. After the film, A-chiang started touching Hsiao-chen's body, to which she reportedly responded "this is very strange." One to two weeks later, again in the teachers' lounge, A-chiang rubbed her breasts and lower body.

Half a month later, A-chiang took Hsiao-chen to a band room, where he raped her. Unfortunately, she apparently developed Stockholm Syndrome after this and believed that she was willingly continuing the relationship after this incident.

From Feb. through July of 2014, the two engaged in 41 sexual acts in numerous locations including the teacher's lounge, classrooms on the campus, love hotels, A-chiang's studio apartment, a parking lot in Zhongxing New Village, and in an alley in Caotun Township.

The two started to exchange nude photos of each other through their smartphones and it was in November of that year that Hsiao-chen's parents discovered nude images of A-chiang and they became aware of the illicit acts that were taking place.

Incredibly, after A-chiang had been detained by authorities, Hsiao-chen sent him a text message saying, "I love you, I'm willing to wait for you, we can start over." After A-chiang was released on bail two and half months later, Hsiao-chen posted a message on his Facebook page leaving lyrics to the song "Love Not Lovers." by the Irish pop rock band Freedom Child.

She then wrote, "Dear Daddy, goodnight, I'm going to go back to the place where you've been gentle recently." In addition, her diary was full of words expressing her love for A-chiang, including "meeting with teacher, hugging," and "The winter holidays left happy memories, and the things that have happened now have made us even closer than the winter holidays."

Taichung's High Court decided that though Hsiao-chen may have believed that she was "in love" which her teacher, he still violated moral standards set for teachers, harmed her psychological development, committed two counts of indecent assault, and one count of aggravated sexual assault. The court added that though the subsequent acts may have supposedly been consensual, they still violated the law prohibiting sex with a female below the age of 14 and was thus sentenced him to nine years in prison, though he has the right to appeal.