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2017 Christmasland kicks off in New Taipei City

This year’s Christmasland will last for 39 days with various festive activities

Image from Taiwan Tourism Bureau website
Image from Taiwan Tourism Bureau website
Image from Taiwan Tourism Bureau website

Image from Taiwan Tourism Bureau website

Image from Taiwan Tourism Bureau website

Image from Taiwan Tourism Bureau website

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The most spectacular New Taipei City's 2017 Christmasland kicks off on November 24, bringing 39 days of merry activities to Banqiao area.

New Taipei City's annual Christmasland will be opened to the public from November 24, 2017, to January 1, 2018. The entire Banqiao area, including New Taipei City Plaza, New Banqiao Central Park, Banqiao Station Building and the newly added area Banqiao Station Front Square, is transformed into a dazzling winter getaway destination with culinary delights, entertainment, and shopping amenities.

With the main theme inspired by a whimsical, joyous and extravagant circus, the "realm of Christmas" welcomes people of all ages to enjoy the gleeful, festive atmosphere featuring the country's tallest Christmas tree, fun-packed rides, and a series of regular events from county fairs, large concerts, and markets selling handmade goods to carnival parades.

This year, the three most astonishing activities that cannot be missed include dancing Christmas lights, a children's carnival with cartoon characters and a white Christmas featuring Penguin Pororo the Little Penguin.

New Station Front Sparkling Lantern Area – Dancing Christmas Lights
The Christmas lights will be expanded from the previous New Taipei City Plaza and New Banqiao Central Park to Banqiao Station Front Square, creating three major lantern areas: City Plaza Fantasy Lantern Area, Station Front Sparkling Lantern Area, and New Banqiao Central Park Cartoon Lantern Area. Participants are expected to enjoy extravagant lighting, a Santa Bear shaped stage, and a glittering Christmas tree.

Children's Carnival with cartoon characters at Station Front Square
A diverse collection of children's favorite cartoon characters including Pororo, Cheburashka, Poli, and Tayo will be present at Christmasland and will lead various interactive activities, such as storytelling, singing and dancing shows, photo booths and several gifts giveaway to children.

International Superstar Pororo visits Christmasland for the first time
This year, Pororo the Little Penguin, a favorite character among Taiwanese children, will bring the ambiance of a white Christmas via an arctic-themed landscape at the New Banqiao Central Park.

For more related information about 2017 Christmasland, check out the official website or join the New Taipei City Tour Facebook fan page

Main activities featured at 2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City



Event name

11/24 (Fri.)


Christmasland Opening Show

11/25 (Sat.)-11/26 (Sun.)


Children’s Carnival (venue: Station Front Square)

11/25 (Sat.)-11/26 (Sun.)


Christmas Environmentally Friendly Treasure Hunt

12/2 (Sat.)


Listening to Local School Gospels

12/3 (Sun.)


Enjoy Christmas with Kebao and Keniu

12/8 (Fri.)-12/10 (Sun.)


Christmas Market

12/15 (Fri.)-12/17 (Sun.)


Superstar Christmas Concert

12/23 (Sat.)


Folksong Concert

12/23 (Sat.)-11/24 (Sun.)


Disco Soup (venue: Station Front Square)

12/24 (Sun.)


New Taipei Christmas Eve

Map of 2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City

2017 Christmasland kicks off in New Taipei City