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Wedding crasher is D-list actress recently released from mental hospital

Wedding crasher shown on video going ballistic at banquet is D-list actress recently released from mental ward

Woman hurling juice at manager. (Screenshot of ERA TV video)

Woman hurling juice at manager. (Screenshot of ERA TV video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An uninvited guest who was captured on video throwing a violent tantrum at a wedding banquet in Taoyuan has been revealed to be a struggling actress who had recently been released from a psychiatric hospital and suffers from bipolar disorder, according to friends and colleagues.

Li Yu-tsung (李又宗) a director and founder of movie production company Aries Film yesterday (Nov. 22) posted his recollections of meeting the actress a few years ago at an audition and observed her deteriorating mental state on her Facebook page over the years since.

On his Facebook post, Li said that the woman, surnamed Wu (吳) first came to audition at his film company in 2013. Li said that during the audition, Wu was all smiles, well-behaved, and had a good attitude, so he was shocked to see her erupt on camera in this way four years later.

When Li first met her, he felt she was "quite the dreamer" hoping to make it big in the movies, and he added her as a friend on Facebook, so in case an opportunity arose, he could contact her.

However, over time he discovered that she started to undergo some emotional changes. She kept changing her name and kept talking about how her marriage was on the rocks, said Li.

Eventually, said Li, she started posting extremely emotional rants which appeared to lack any semblance of rationality or logic.

Li said that he "knows that she is sick," and that he too had suffered mental illness and contemplated suicide. From the video, he can tell that she now has reached a point where she obviously cannot restrain her mood swings and "what she needs now is not the bullying of netizens to force her to apologize, but someone who can accompany her to a mental healthcare facility to avoid possible accidents."

Meanwhile, a friend of Wu, Li Mu-i (李慕儀) yesterday also wrote a long post on a Taiwanese relationship advice Facebook group (暖暖窩/愛心物資交流站) explaining that Wu suffers from bipolar disorder. Li said that she is a friend of her mother and she has known Wu for 20 years.

She said that Wu's mother, who is in her 60s, must spend all of her time taking care of her 70-year-old husband, who suffered a stroke. Li says Wu's mother was not aware of the incident, but told her that Wu had recently been discharged from a mental hospital and has since refused continued medical treatment and has stopped taking her medication.

Wu's mother explained that as she has stopped taking her medication, her symptoms of "indiscriminate cursing, random ranting, and an inability to communicate have risen again!" The mother added that Wu is a single mother with a teenage son in high school.

Now that the news of his mother's deeds have spread far and wide through the news, her adolescent son is "embarrassed, sad, and unable to face classmates and neighbors," said his grandmother.

Li emphasized that Wu in fact did not want to crash the wedding, she is simply a person "who is sick and needs help." Li asked that everyone forgive Wu and show compassion.

Li closed with the hope that Wu will fully recover and looks forward to everyone giving her another chance.

In the first video, when Wu is approached by a woman to kindly leave the table, which had been reserved for invited guests only, Wu suddenly screams at the woman, drawing attention of restaurant staff and the venue manager.

In the second video, when a staff member politely asks her to leave, Wu goes into a wild rage, and proceeds to smash the table, hurl juice at the hapless employee, throw the table reservation card to the ground, and scream at onlookers.

After the wild display of rage, she suddenly stands up to collects her belongings, along with the wedding cookie box of the family next to her, and storms out of the room.

Updated : 2021-05-13 09:14 GMT+08:00