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10 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan to start small business in home country

With help from Indonesia's de-facto embassy in Taiwan, the workers' dreams are coming true after returning home

10 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan to start small business in home country

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – 10 Indonesians were recently selected by Indonesia's de-facto embassy in Taipei as the best migrant workers and to start small businesses after they return home. They were selected based on their performance in classes offered by the office designed to prepare them for future work in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei (IETO) teamed up with the Global Workers Organization (GWO) to offer classes for Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan to acquire needed skills for advanced careers after returning home.

40 Indonesians working in Taiwan attended the courses under the Exit Program, with two courses available for now – baking and e-commerce. 10 out of the 40 course participants were recently selected by the office to receive assistance in the form of a business loan in Indonesia.

Atin Sunarti, a caregiver, who was named one of the best in the class, expressed gratitude to her employer for supporting her by allowing her to attend baking classes every week over the past few months. Sunarti said her employer encourages her to start her own business in Indonesia and is wishing her the best of luck.

"We try to grow entrepreneurship mentality of our Indonesian migrant workers. They can't be migrant worker forever in Taiwan," Robert James Bintaryo, Representative of IETO Taipei, said at Kainan Vocational High School in Taipei on Sunday.