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Top 20 Taiwanese global brands in 2017: MOE

ASUS tops Taiwan brand list for 5th year in a row

ASUS is the most valuable Taiwanese brand again. (courtesy Flickr)

ASUS is the most valuable Taiwanese brand again. (courtesy Flickr)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Yesterday afternoon the Taiwan Ministry of Economics (經濟部) released published the "2017 Taiwan International Brands Value List" (2017年台灣國際品牌價值), reports CNA.

Based on research conducted by Interbrand consultancy agency, the list shows the top 20 Taiwanese global brands, their ranking compared to 2017 and 2016, their overall worth in billions of United States Dollars, and their percentage of growth.

ASUS, Trend Micro Internet Security, and Want Want Holdings Limited were in the top three of the list.

The top growing companies for the last year were 85 Degrees (16%), Advantech (11%), and Delta (11%).

Overall, the growth of these Taiwan brands has increased by 2.9%, predominately in consumer electronics and technology companies.

Interbrand provided three primary reasons for the growth of these brands:

1. Companies have quickly transformed and escalated in response to the quickfire speed of globalization.

2. Purchasing power has increased.

3. Digital expediency of goods due to continuously improving technologies.

Notable changes from 2016 to 2017 on the list include acer dropping from number 9 to number 7, 85 Degrees moving up 3 spots, htc dropping 2 spots, and the resilience of Cathay Holdings at number 7 having just joined the list in 2016 at number 7.

Top 20 Taiwanese global brands in 2017: MOE


2. Trend Micro

3. Want Want Holdings LTD.

4. CTBC Holding


6. Advantech

7. Cathay Financial Holdings

8. 85 Degrees

9. Acer


11. Merida

12. Htc



15. Delta

16. Chailease Holding

17. Uni-President Enterprises Corporation

18. Johnson

19. Transcend

20. Chlitina

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