Taiwanese wedding crasher goes ballistic

An uninvited guest at a wedding banquet in Taoyuan attacked the venue manager and left guests in shock

(Image courtesy of PXhere)

(Image courtesy of PXhere)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An uninvited guest at a wedding banquet in Taoyuan hurled a glass of juice towards a restaurant staff member after being politely asked to leave.

The woman in her 30s appeared to be reluctantly leaving the banquet when her outrageous behavior was caught on camera, according to local media reports on Monday.

A 2005 American comedy film titled "Wedding Crashers" describes a duo who gatecrash into weddings to get free meals and to prey on guests of the opposite sex, a story that has become a reality in Taiwan. In fact, more than a dozen reports of uninvited guests being caught at Taiwanese weddings have surfaced over the past few years, but this incident in Taoyuan was outrageous, with this gatecrasher truly "crashing" the wedding.

In the video, a woman in navy blue dress with hair braided half-up half-down is seen sitting at a table. A family member of the wedding couple spotted the unknown woman sitting at a table and went ahead to check, but the woman suddenly yelled at the family member, drawing attention of restaurant staff and the venue manager.

She was then politely asked to leave by the staff.

The unidentified woman then went into a wild rage, smashing the table, hurling juice onto a restaurant staff member, throwing the table stand to the ground, and continuously yelling at onlookers.

After all the wild display of rage, she suddenly stood up to collect her belongings, along with the wedding cookie box of the family next to her, and stormed out of the room.

In Taiwan, wedding crashers are more common at open and public venues like hotels and restaurants where anyone can get through the front door. These people sneak into weddings and enjoy expensive meals for free, with some going it alone, while others team up, pretending they are friends or family members of the wedding couples.

Expert provides advice to deal with these uninvited guests: designate an eagle-eyed friend or family member to watch out for people at the banquet showing more interested in the food or drinks than anyone else, as they probably do not belong.

Updated : 2021-03-09 16:34 GMT+08:00