Unisex public restrooms in Taoyuan Airport? Chairman: it's under consideration

Modern and comfortable restrooms are an essential part of the public services of an airport, states legislator


Terminal 1 of Taoyuan International Airport

Unisex public restrooms will be taken into consideration for Terminal 3 and future renovation of Terminal 2. (Source:Flickr, https://www.flickr.com/p

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – When asked by Democratic Progressive Party legislator Chao Chunmi on whether unisex public restrooms will be installed in Taoyuan International Airport, Tseng Tajen, chairman of Taoyuan International Airport Corporation answered by saying that this "will be taken into consideration, and be reviewed."

Today The Legislative Yuan audited the budget presented by Taoyuan International Airport Corporation for the year 2018.

Chao points out that modern and comfortable restrooms are an essential part of the public services provided by an airport to travelers. She provided Mr. Tseng with photos illustrating unisex public restrooms that can be found in U.S. airports while asking whether Taoyuan International Airport Corporation had intentions of doing so as well.

Mr. Tseng stated that neither of the terminals provides unisex public restrooms as of this moment. They will, however, take this into consideration in the future when they review plans for the renovation of the second terminal, as well as the plans for the third terminal, of which construction is currently underway.

Restrooms should at all times be clean, spacious, and well-lit, added Chao.

Chao has also advised that besides being clean, spacious, and well lit, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation could also  refer to various airports around the world and include cultural imagery in the design of public restrooms.

For example, the public restrooms of Saint Paul International of the U.S., are equipped with gentle lighting, and the restrooms in Japan's Narita International Airport feature artistic lighting.