Photo of the Day: Fake 'Mickey Mouse' mascot not feeling the magic

Taiwanese netizens saddened at the stark contrast between a goofy mascot and the grim reality behind the mask

(Image from 爆料公社)

(Image from 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A member of the Facebook group Breaking News Commune yesterday (爆料公社) posted before and after photos of fake Disney mascot posing with customers in China before taking the head off, revealing a sweaty, exhausted elderly woman inside.

Leading with the caption "Grandma you worked really hard... " a user of the Breaking News Commune posted a before-and-after photo of a knockoff Mickey Mouse mascot at a Chinese amusement park first posing with visitors, before taking off the head to get a water break from the stifling heat inside the unsightly costume. Under the costume is an elderly woman looking thoroughly exhausted from the job, likely a necessity to make ends meet in an increasingly unequal "communist" country. 

Many Taiwanese were disturbed by the images of harsh reality the woman must be dealing with while others revel in joy:

"For her next meal, a bitter mood."

"Seeing this made me sad and not willing to share it."

"How can this make people laugh, I feel my eyes starting to well up with tears."

"Giving happiness to others, while giving sadness to yourself."

Others tried to look on the bright side:

"All jobs involve hard work, maybe she really enjoys it, actually it's not bad."

"There are many grandmas that are rich, it's just that kids are not by their side, so maybe she uses this as a way to play with other kids, and it helps her pass the time."

"Maybe Grandma just wants to support herself through her own work, or maybe give her family some extra income. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, each to their own."