Taiwan company to enter Malaysian market with halal bubble milk tea

Taiwanese company Chen En brings halal milk tea to Malaysian market

Taiwan's halal bubble milk tea a hit at the 2017 Malaysia Taiwan Trade Show.

Taiwan's halal bubble milk tea a hit at the 2017 Malaysia Taiwan Trade Show. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's halal bubble milk tea a hit at the 2017 Malaysia Taiwan Trade Show in Kuala Lampur earlier this month, reported CNA.

Five years ago Taiwanese milk tea brand, Chen En Food Product Enterprise Co., Ltd (承恩食品), began the application process to be certified halal. Now that it has received halal certification, the brand hopes to enter the Malaysian market.

According to data from the Ministry of Economic affairs (經濟部), over 1 billion cups of milk tea are sold every year in Taiwan. That's an average of 44 cups per person, or an additional NT$2,000 (US$65) expenditure per person.

The popularity of bubble milk tea in the world is not a new phenomenon. Just this month, the London Evening Standard published 10 reasons why you should go to Taiwan and bubble tea was sixth on the list.

At the Trade Show this year, held from November 9 through the 11, Taiwanese company Chen En gave an eye-catching presentation of their halal drink products ready to go on the market, including brightly-colored juices and creamy milk teas.

Chen En was first established in 1983, though it was not until this June that they opened their first store front. Their products instantly satisfied Taiwanese customers, attaining just the perfect sweetness and heavenly chewiness, yet no one would have ever guessed their raw materials are halal.

Chen En is now striving to meet other standardization measures, like ISO or HAACP.

Chen En Marketing Director, Liu Sheng-en (柳聖恩), emphasizes that over half the population of Malaysia adheres to the Muslim faith and if this group of people enjoys Chen En's beverages, there will be a whole new market to explore.

Chen En representatives further emphasize that the point of exploring these new markets is not to necessarily adapt Taiwan tea recipes to different places, but to standardize production and offer Taiwan bubble milk tea in as many places as possible. Already Taiwanese milk tea is sold in over 60 countries.