Taiwan's Penghu to offer NT$1,110 travel vouchers starting Nov. 21

Penghu to offer '2017 Winter Penghu Tourist Vouchers' worth up to NT$1,000 starting Nov. 21

Tourists walking on land bridge at Kueibishan Geopark.

Tourists walking on land bridge at Kueibishan Geopark. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's Penghu Tourism Bureau will begin offering travel vouchers to all non-residents of the islands valued between NT$1,000 (US$36) and NT$500 beginning on Nov. 21, reported CNA.

Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu (陳光復) along with Penghu Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Hsieh Wen-ta (謝文達) on Friday (Nov. 17) announced that the '2017 Winter Penghu Tourist Vouchers' promotion will go into effect on Nov. 21 and run until Feb. 10 of next year, with the vouchers remaining valid until Feb. 12. All visitors who are not residents of Penghu and stay at a legal hotel or hostel for at least two nights are eligible for the vouchers.

Each voucher will be worth NT$100 and there will be a total of 164,000 will be printed. It is estimated that this promotion will draw 20,000 additional visitors to Penghu County.

Chen said that because the tourism season in Penghu usually comes to an end during winter and half of businesses shut down during that period, it is hoped that this promotion will help stimulate the local economy and bring more balance to the annual flow of travelers.

Penghu Country Tourism Bureau Director Hung Ching-chiu (洪慶鷲) said that foreign and Chinese tourists can apply for these vouchers by presenting their ID cards, passports, plane tickets, boat tickets, and hotel check-in certificates at the Magong airport, the Penghu County Government Office, the Penghu Tourist Visitor Center, and the Penghu Geopark Center. Other areas where these vouchers can be obtained include the Wang'an and Qimei township government offices, as well as the Green Turtle Exhibition Center.

The vouchers can be spent at all legal merchants based in Penghu. The Penghu County Tourism Bureau pointed out that there are over 150 hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, souvenir shops, and other merchants that hope to benefit from these vouchers.