Taiwanese-American dentist becomes fitness champ in US

Taiwanese-American dentist based in Silicon Valley becomes bodybuilding king in US


Taiwanese-American dentist becomes bodybuilding champ. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese-American dentist based in Silicon Valley has become a fitness champion in the US.

Yen Chun (顏俊), a 26-year-old dentist, whose parents both hail from Taiwan, in an interview with CNA said that because he was so thin as a child, his clothes were always too baggy and unsightly. However, this started to change during his junior year in high school when some friends of his got him interested in bodybuilding and eating a healthy diet.

Now 187 cm in height, the 93 kg Yen remembers when he first began lifting weights eight years ago he could only lift 20 kg, however, now he says he can lift 100 kg with no problem. 

Yen competed in and won the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competition earlier this year in Sacramento, California. Yen blew away the competition with not only his physique during but also his sense of style in the formal wear and casual wear phases of the event, which blends fashion and fitness.  

(Image provided by Yen to CNA)

Yen told CNA that because it is so rare for Asian-Americans to get involved in bodybuilding in the US, photos of his victories in bodybuilding competitions have become quite the curiosity in his dental clinic. In addition to his work as a dentist, Yen has become a certified fitness trainer so he can teach others to properly forge their bodies. "Bodybuilding has become my lifelong career," said Yen. 

​(Image provided by Yen to CNA)

​(Image provided by Yen to CNA)