Emotion and passion embodied in Modigliani Jewelry at Taipei IN Style

Life isn't boring anymore with Modigliani Jewelry

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –At Taipei IN Style (TIS), local designer Molly (莫莉) has unveiled her jewelry collection.

Modigliani Jewelry's collection takes inspiration from the Queen's teatime from the 19th Century. Molly believes that it is the innate nature of women to compare with each other when they meet up together.

Thus, she designed this collection to cater to women who wear this jewelry even on ordinary occasions. With the use of brass as the basic metal structure and the addition of beautiful crystal color collections, Modigliani Jewelry can make you the center of attraction.

In Modigliani Jewelry, Molly emphasizes the meticulous work, with retro yet elegant lines, to convey the attitude of the sophisticated woman.