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Expert explores mystery of color trends at Taipei IN Style

How social climate decides buying trends–The secret behind your purchase decision

Expert explores mystery of color trends at Taipei IN Style

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Do you know what makes you buy products? Maybe it is the price, product quality or seller's reputation, but how do sellers predict customers' preference?

The 2017 Taipei IN Style trade show (TIS) invited Chen Cho-yun, founder of be*U and director of Taiwan Fashion Colour Association, to talk about how purchase decisions are made and how lifestyle and trendy color affect customer’s decision.

"The ability to turn abstract elements into coherent products is important for designers,”as there's a strong connection between people's lifestyle and aesthetic perception, she said in the seminar. Designers have to be able to turn social climate into coherent, beautiful and intuitive products, she said, adding that as long as the product has the elements of current social trends, it will easily become a hit.

Expert explores mystery of color trends at Taipei IN Style

After the economic growth in the 1990s, a trend of environmental protection brought about the trend of green building, she said.

By the millennium, silver has become the most popular color in the world, especially in science and technology, according to Chen. According to statistics, the sales number of silver cars is much bigger than any other color since 2000, she said.

On March 18, 2000, the second direct presidential election held in Taiwan put an end to more than half a century of Kuomintang rule on Taiwan. The changing political atmosphere has magically brought a mixing and matching style to Taiwan’s fashion industry, even the interior decoration has been influenced by the trend. For example, three seater sofa suits are designed to have different colors, making the lives more interesting and colorful, she said.

After 2010, a hipster concept, "enjoy the little things (小確幸)," emerged around Taiwan. The word is borrowed from Japanese しょうかっこう, meaning little things in life that make it worth living, and the word is created by the Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami (村上春树) in his collection of essays entitled "Ways of Looking for A Vortex Cat(うずまき猫のみつけかた)." During the trend of enjoying the little things, soft, neutral grey of different tones has become the most popular color, Chen said. According to a poll, blue-gray is the most used bedroom color in the recent years, she added.

The 15th annual Taipei IN Style Trade Show (TIS) has invited world-renowned fashion brands and buyers from all over the world to join this fashion event.

The Saturday and Sunday shows are free and open to the public. Throughout the event, visitors can peruse trunk shows or attend one of the four seminars on offer. Public interested in Taiwanese fashion designers and sustainable fashion trends are encouraged to join the fashion banquet.

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