Taipei IN Style day one runway report (Pt.1)

The first day of Taipei IN Style 2017 was a feast for the eyes with four incredible runway shows

Madam May's design at TIS 2017

Madam May's design at TIS 2017 (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The first full day of Taipei In Style is off to a blazing start. With an amazing runway show jointly produced by designer brands Madam May and Hong Chubby, followed by a presentation for designer brand JNBY.

The various styles presented at the opener and the second runway show send a powerful opening statement on the variety of designs to expect at this year's premiere Taipei fashion event.

Hong Chubby & Madam May

The opening runway event began with Hong Chubby's presentation set to an upbeat soundtrack; a collection full of youthful exuberance, urban sensibility, and brimming with bold confidence. Most designs expressed a seriousness and certainty of the modern young woman destined for success, with denim, vertical pattering, and lots of light/ dark color contrasting, as well as fur embellishments.

However, the collection also presented a few pieces with flirty and innocent aspects, incorporating some sequin detailing and cute accessorizing, to remind the audience that the fast-paced life of women in the city must still make time for play.

Hong Chubby

Where Hong Chubby presented the cutting edge of style for the youthful urban socialite, Madam May took things in a more classic direction, with a gorgeous collection of new styles inspired by the kind of regal feminine elegance that never goes out of style.

Madam May's runway show gave audiences a spectacular presentation set to a deep heavy, soundtrack that created a perfect ambiance for her collection, with models seemingly moving in slow motion capturing the attention of every eye. Her mature collection was full of vibrant colors and sensual form fitting designs.

Exquisite patterning and attention to detail were glaringly evident from Madam May's collection. An unforgettable highlight was certainly the series of exquisite gowns that each captured a classic yet regal feminine charm, and capped off the TIS opening runway show.

Madam May


The second runway show of the day was a presentation of the latest fashions from the Chinese brand JNBY, and their team of designers.

JNBY presented a stylish collection of modern chic, yet functional fashion. The brand's presentation this year gives insight into some of the creative energies and modern trends of designers in China.

With a fine balance between youthful and mature styles, the JNBY collection pushes daily wearable fashions to the edge, without going too far into superfluous experimentation. For consumers seeking high end casual wear that expresses a keen sense of fashion, JNBY can do no wrong.


A notable aspect of the JNBY 2017 lifestyle collection, and an adorable portion of day's events, was the presentation of their designs for children. Professional models accompanied by cute little tykes, some more shy than others, made for a brilliant showcase of modern childrens fashion.

For the most part, the collection consists of muted tones, with light blues and whites, standing out out against blacks, khakis, and dark greens. The mostly loose fitting garments scream comfort as well as quality.

Coming from China, with one of the world's largest and fastest growing apparel industries, the JNBY collection is worth noting, and probably a good indication of where basic fashion trends are heading in the new millennium.

If the first to runway shows are any indication of the quality and artistry being showcased at Taipei IN Style this year, then Taiwan, as well as the fashion and design world in general, are in for an amazing treat.

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