Resew and rebirth: Taipei IN Style joins calls to give fabric waste a new life

A Louis Vuitton Dust Bag-converted spaghetti strap tank top is featured at the show


TaipeiInStyle (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In Taipei’s fashion week, sustainable fashion is brought to the forefront to raise awareness of excessive fabric waste thanks to fast fashion industry.

On Thursday, designers and opinion leaders in fashion industry expressed their views on how recycled fabrics can end up becoming fabulous garments and accessories through runway shows and seminar presentations.

Fast fashion is leaving a huge environmental impact, with around 1.3 billion tons of fabric waste being generated every year from around the world. Projects of sustainable fashion have been raised to use the waste as raw materials in production to bring new life to fabric waste and to reduce the impact.

The 2017 Taipei IN Style trade show (TIS) joined the call this year in collaboration with Taiwanese sewing machine manufacturer Kaulin and Redress, a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization, to showcase the reincarnated pieces by different designers and to elaborate the initiative at Thursday’s seminar.

Redress is dedicated to reducing fabric waste in the production cycle, from procurement to disposal. The organization works with British designer Kate Morris, Taiwanese designer Sung Yi-hsuan and several others to produce a large collection of garments made out of fabric waste, with some being showcased at this year’s Taipei IN Style.

Perry Wong, sustainable fashion expert from Redress, also introduced the ecochic design award, which is held every year to spread awareness as well as to encourage designers to reuse the fabric waste and old t-shirts to give these waste materials a rebirth.

Perry Wong, sustainable fashion expert from Redress

Wong is also calling for applications for next year’s award, which will start from January 3 until April 3, 2018, and the final competition is to be held in September in Hong Kong.

Jocelyn Chen, Assistant professor of Textiles & Clothing Department at Fu Jen Catholic University, said the school has provided courses about sustainable fashion for years with an aim to encourage students and the future designers to utilize the fabric waste as much as possible. Chen showed pictures of stunning and stylish dresses, skirts, short pants, and accessories made out of fabric waste, including a Louis Vuitton Dust Bag converted into a spaghetti strap tank top.

A Louis Vuitton Dust Bag-converted spaghetti strap tank top (first from left)

The 15th annual Taipei IN Style Trade Show (TIS), opens on Thursday, November 16, and runs through Sunday, November 19, at the Songshan Creative Park, with a total of 145 brands and 208 booths present.

The colorful ponytail holders are made out of fabric waste (Photo by Taiwan News)