Taipei IN Style brings :EMPHASIZE on the dots

Local designer Pai Cheng designs outfits that suits sizes for all

Image from :EMPHASIZE's designer Pai Cheng

Image from :EMPHASIZE's designer Pai Cheng

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —A blend of vintage and modern fashion was seen in one of the booths named :EMPHASIZE at Taipei IN Style 2017. Fashion designer Pai Cheng's (鄭雅文) collection this year playfully experimented polka dots and laces on fabric.

Her outfits have been worn by various artistes such as variety show host Huang Lu Tz Yin(黄路梓茵)and singer Claire Guo(郭靜). Daringly matching loud colors with polka dots, :EMPHASIZE broke some rules and fashion conventions as we will typically find it too attention seeking for dots and bright colors to appear at the same time

Polka dots have always been in her style of design, and she aims to try to include ropes into her upcoming designs in the next collection. Its designs strike a balance between smart and practical outdoor outfits that allow you to stand out and be yourself.