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Taiwanese expatriates take steps to beat pollution in New Delhi

Pollution level is expected to shoot up again from Thursday after a likely drizzle on Wednesday

Pollution in New Delhi.

Pollution in New Delhi.

NEW DELHI (Taiwan News) -- With the pollution level expected to shoot up again from Thursday after a likely drizzle on Wednesday, people in New Delhi, especially expatriates living in the capital are taking precautionary measures to reduce the harmful impacts.

"There can be a rise in pollution levels after the rain. This is because the moisture level will increase which will help trap pollutants," said D Saha, head of the air quality laboratory of the Central Pollution Control Board. The air quality in the capital had been hovering in the "severe" category in the last seven days.

Some of the Taiwanese who are working at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre (TECC) were seen wearing masks at a cultural festival held recently. They said they are taking enough precautions to protect themselves from the bad effects of pollution.

Many of them have even installed air purifiers at their residences. They said they face less risk as many of them stayed inside their offices or residences and travel in cars most of the time. "Of course, we are concerned," said a diplomat, who did not want to be quoted.

Pollution levels first entered the "severe" zone on November 7. The Air Quality Impact (AQI) hit its peak of 486 on November 9.

Updated : 2021-04-22 12:21 GMT+08:00