Asian Rugby Championship Division II held in Taipei

India, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan will compete for champion of Division II, matches on Nov. 15 and Nov. 18

Asian Rugby Football Union logo

Asian Rugby Football Union logo

TAIPEI (Taipei News) – Taiwan will host the Asian Rugby Championship for Nov. 15 to 18 in Taipei for the Division II teams. The matches will be held at Taipei Municipal Stadium.

Division II consists of four teams: India, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. The first two matches will take place on Nov. 15 with India facing off against Singapore, and Taiwan's team going up against Thailand.

The victorious teams will play each other to determine the division champion on Nov. 18. The two defeated teams will also play on No. 18 to determine third and fourth place respectively. The winner of the division will be promoted to division one next year.

The Asian Rugby Championship (ARC) is organized as part of the International Rugby Union. The Asian Rugby Championship format replaced the former Asian Five Nations Tournament in 2015. Under the new format, teams compete for points in separate divisions, in order to challenge the top three Asian rugby teams of the Rugby Union.

Currently, the top three teams in the union are Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. The main championship tournament for 2017 was concluded in April, with Japan maintaining its stretch as regional champion for over ten years running.

Taiwan's best showing in the international rugby competition was in the year 2000, when Taiwan successfully placed third in the region. In 2011, Taiwan successfully won its division against Thailand.

Taiwan has yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup, but they have been competing for a spot since 1999.

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Taiwan Rugby Union logo

Updated : 2021-01-27 06:50 GMT+08:00