Academia Sinica to open Taiwan AI Academy

The new research institute plans to begin its first program in January 2018

Academia Sinica President James C. Liao (Image courtesy of 人工智慧年會)

Academia Sinica President James C. Liao (Image courtesy of 人工智慧年會)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The President of Taiwan's prestigious academic research institute, Academia Sinica has announced the opening of an artificial intelligence research school to further develop AI technology and related industry applications in Taiwan.

At an AI conference in Taiwan in early Nov. James C. Liao, the President of Academia Sinica said that Taiwan is in a good position to develop artificial technologies for various industries, but is currently facing several challenges.

Among the problems that the Taiwan AI Academy hopes to address is the flight of talented individuals from Taiwan to other countries, and the mismatch between talent cultivation and application.

These are notable problems of Taiwan's workforce and the country's economic development in recent years as Taiwan is struggling to maintain competitiveness in hi-tech industries. Given the expected global developments in AI and the Internet of Things, the Taiwan AI Academy hopes to better facilitate the cultivation and application of talent in the field.

The Taiwan AI Academy at Academia Sinica plans to start its first research course in January 2018, with a three month training program to help engineers from the industrial sector study AI-based solutions to problems in their field.

A foundation will be established to help develop the programs, and to invite specialists in AI solutions from abroad to the academy to help cultivate a community of experts domestically.

The president of Academia Sinica also announced that he has invited a professor of computer science and engineering from Harvard University, Dr. HT Kung, to serve as the first president of the Taiwan AI Academy.

The current chief officer of the Academy, Chen Wei stated that applications for the first three month program are open and he invited professionals and specialists in any related industry to apply.

Rather than a basic training course, the intention of the AI Academy is to attract people who are already specialists in their field, and by connecting at the academy, develop innovative strategies that can be adopted across fields of business, and education.

The Taiwan AI Academy will act as a platform for exchange and cooperation across various tech fields, as well as between academia, government and business. It aims to take a crucial role in bringing new vitality to Taiwan's development at the start of the fourth industrial revolution.

Academia Sinica to open Taiwan AI Academy

Updated : 2021-03-07 11:40 GMT+08:00