Taiwan’s scrabble-playing robot wins CES 2018 Innovation Awards

Taiwan ITRI’s IVS for companion robots and handheld pesticide residue detector named CES 2018 Innovation Awards

(Image courtesy of ITRI)

(Image courtesy of ITRI)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two technologies hatched by Taiwan’s leading technology R&D institution won the CES 2018 Innovation Awards for Intelligent Vision System (IVS) and Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector, for their designs of companion robots and home appliances, respectively.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) announced it won the awards Monday and will showcase the winning technologies at the CES 2018 exhibition in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2018. Visitors at the show will be able to play scrabble with a robot and use a portable pesticide detector while washing fruits and vegetables.

The annual CES Innovation Awards honors outstanding product design and technologies applicable to consumer products. Past honorees include Google, Bosch, and ASUS. This year enterprises such as Intel, Amazon, and Texas Instruments were selected.

ITRI's Intelligent Vision System (IVS) for companion robots integrates AI, 3D vision recognition, and eye-hand coordination technologies. It allows an IVS robot to grasp and move objects without collisions, and even perform delicate tasks such as playing scrabble, pouring beverages, and learning from experience. It is able to perceive objects based on their size, shape, color, and location, and recognize vocabulary.

When playing scrabble, the IVS robot can recognize individual letters and the words spelled by players and determine the spelling that scores highest from possible letter combinations. After recognizing the letters on the tiles and acquiring all the data through its vision, the robot operates its arm to move and grab accordingly. The robot can also calculate the scores of the players accurately and rapidly.

Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector

Another winning technology - the Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector - is a portable device to determine whether pesticide residues are within a safe range when washing fruits or vegetables. (Image courtesy of ITRI)