Top 5 most popular fried chicken restaurants in Taiwan: MOOK

MOOK lists top 5 most popular fried chicken restaurants based on a survey of online users

(Image from Chicken House Facebook page)

(Image from Chicken House Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The travel site MOOK (MOOK景點家) on Oct. 10 released a list of the top five most popular fried chicken restaurants in Taiwan based on a survey of online users.

Although Fat Old Daddy (胖老爹) American-style fried chicken has risen to fame lately, a survey of online users of MOOK has found that it did not take the No. 1 spot on a list of the 5 most popular chicken restaurants based on cost-performance (CP值), meat tenderness, dipping powder or sauce, and other factors.

5. KFC

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Although in recent years its custard tarts have started to gain a lot of fans, many Taiwanese still praise KFC's (肯德基) classic fried chicken for the freshness of the meat and that it is fried to order.

4. Dicos

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​Dicos (德克士) has suddenly started to rise to prominence after the chain was brought from China to Taiwan. There are currently branches at Taipei 101 and Banqiao. Many netizens praise its fried to order flavor. Despite the fact that there are very few shops in Taiwan, it still made it to the top five list.

3. Fat Old Daddy

(Image from Fat Old Dad Facebook page 胖老爹美式炸雞-景美店)

Fat Old Daddy (胖老爹) has recently stirred up quite the craze online for its quality meat and being fried to order. With 230 stores, it has become very popular among students who comment about it frequently online. The chain has grown rapidly in recent years and has cultivated a large and loyal following of fans.

2. Chicken House

(Image from Chicken House Facebook page)

Originally starting out with humble beginnings as a small vendor on Tainan's Guohua Street, Chicken House (炸雞洋行) in just one year's time has multiplied into many new restaurants which have popped up in Kaohsiung, Yunlin and other areas. In short order, it has become a highly popular fried chicken chain in southern and central Taiwan. Its flavor, which is much closer to Taiwanese style fried chicken, and its unique seasonings have made it loved by chicken connoisseurs.

1. Napoli

(Image from Napoli website)

Napoli (拿坡里義式炸雞) in Taiwan is known as "the pizza parlor that sells fried chicken" by many netizens. Its "Italian-style fried chicken" took first place among netizens because its batter is not only fried to crunchy crisp and its meat is very fresh and tasty, it also has a unique, spicy marinade that sets it apart from the competition.