Seven Taiwanese Films shown at 2018 San Diego Asian Film Festival

This is the sixth annual Taiwan Film Showcase as part of the 18th annual Asian Film Festival in California

Poster for Taiwan Film Showcase 2018

Poster for Taiwan Film Showcase 2018

TAIWAN (Taipei News) – As part of the Pac Arts San Diego Asian Film Fesitval, Sunday Nov. 12 marked the start of the sixth annual Taiwan Film Showcase, the largest showcase of Taiwanese Film outside of Asia.

The Film festival is held annually by the University of California San Diego (USCD) and organized by the Pacific Arts Movement (Pac Arts). This year marks the 18th annual Asian Film Festival of USCD, and the sixth year that Taiwanese films have had their own special showcase.

The Taiwan Film Showcase lasts for three days and is sponsored by the USCD Chuan Lyu Foundation for Taiwan Studies, the UCSD Taiwan Studies Lecture Series, the Taiwan Academy Los Angeles, and the Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

This year the showcase in San Diego is proudly screening films from seven Taiwanese directors.

On Sunday, the festival screened the documentary "Who is Arthur Chu?" by Scottt Drucker and Yu Gu. The film looks into the life of a Arthur Chu who became somewhat famous after an incredible 11 game run on the TV game show Jeopardy.

Following the documentary, a dark comedy by Huang Hsin-yao about two lower class fellows who, while enjoying salacious dash cam footage from a rich man's car, discover something they weren't meant to see. The film is called "The Great Buddha+."

The center piece presentation of the Taiwan Film Showcase is a comedic horror film about a group of high school boys who capture a zombie. The film is called "Mon Mon Mon Monsters" and directed by Giddens Ko.

On Monday, the film line up is "Small Talk" directed by Huang Hui-Chen, a poignant personal documentary about the director discussing and coming to terms with her own mother's lesbian identity.

Next is the film "The Last Verse," a story of love, youth and idealism set in Taiwan in the early 2000s. Director Tseng Ying-ting delivers a moving story of shattered romantic dreams.

On the final day of the showcase Nov. 14, the first film to be screened is a drama from director Lai Kuo-an. "A Fish Out of the Water" tells the story of a child, and two parents dealing with marital problems. The child doesn't help the situation by discussing memories from a previous life.

The seventh and final Taiwanese film screened at the 2017 showcase will be "The Silent Teacher" directed by Maso Chen. The film gives audiences a look into aspects of Taiwanese culture concerning life, death, and family. It is a story about a wife, and mother who upon death, offers her body as a 'silent mentor' for medical students to hone their surgical skills.

The Pacific Arts Movement aims to present Pan Asian media to the residents of San Deigo and the United States to inspire, and entertain. They are dedicated to nurturing a new generation of creative leaders and story tellers.