Netizens fuming after govt. asked to pay NT$12 million for Formosa Fun Coast fire 

Netizens explode after government asked to pay each Formosa Fun Coast blast victim NT$12 million

Formosa Fun Coast Water Park blast.

Formosa Fun Coast Water Park blast. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese Netizens are fuming after DPP Legislator Tuan Yi-kang (段宜康) and families of the victims of the disastrous Formosa Fun Coast explosion filed a motion to have the government pay NT$12 million in compensation for each victim of the fire, instead the owners of the venue or the organizers of the event, reports TVBS

In 2015, colored corn starch was discharged into a crowd of concert goers at the Formosa Fu Coast Water Park (八仙樂園) in Bali District, New Taipei City to create a festive color party, unfortunately the highly flammable dust ignited and scorched over 500 people, resulting in 496 injuries and 15 deaths. 

Two years after what is considered the worst mass injury event in the history of New Taipei, victims and their families are still seeking in vain for justice and compensation. Though the organizer of the party,Lu Chung-chi (呂忠吉), was sentenced to five years in prison, he was later set free.  

The owners of the Formosa Fun Coast recreational park have not paid any form of compensation to the nearly 500 injured and the families of the 15 who died. The insurance claims for injured tourists have not been processed and an application for compensation by the families of the victims from New Taipei City's Tourism Bureau has been rejected. 

In an attempt to obtain some form of compensation, Tuan and families of the victims have recently filed for compensation from the national government in the amount of NT$12 million for each victim. 

News of this request for compensation from the national government has incensed many netizens:

"An event run by a private company deserves compensation from the government?"

"Eating with bad table manners."

"Are they going to use my tax money to pay for it?"

"The real responsible party is not the government."

"If the government pays for the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park disaster, when I get in a car wreck, it will be the fault of the country's roads not being even. Cancer is the country's fault for not ensuring food safety. If I go hiking and I break my leg because of a typhoon, it is because the national rescue service is too slow. All things are the fault of the government, just like the gas explosion in Kaohsiung."

"If the government pays for the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park disaster, I'll stop paying the insurance premiums! This way I don't need to buy any insurance, everything will be paid for me, it feels so good."

Meanwhile, the scene of the disaster, the Formosa Fun Coast water park, was allowed to reopen in March of this year.