Poll reveals I-Mei tops list of 5 favorite milk teas in Taiwan

Milk matters: Taiwanese rank their favorite milk teas

Taiwanese tea drinkers rank their top 5 favorite milk teas. (photo courtesy Pixabay)

Taiwanese tea drinkers rank their top 5 favorite milk teas. (photo courtesy Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A poll by the DailyView reveals the top 5 most coveted milk teas around the island.

How many have you tried?

The following is a quick list from the research results. The poll included the opinions of over 50,000 internet users and took place from November 11, 2016 to November 10, 2017.

5. Assam milk tea (阿薩姆奶茶)

Assam Milk Tea is recognizable for their unique labeling. The tea is a bit on the sweet side, but goes down smooth. The carton packaging also makes it a cheap and convenient choice.

4. "Pure drink series" (純粹喝系列)

The "Pure Drink" series of drinks caught on several years ago, and has maintained its popularity. Some suggest the brand's popularity is because of its simply colored but unique tube-like plastic bottles, which are reminiscent of branding styles in the beauty industry. As for the tea itself, is it is sweet smelling, and has a creamy taste that appeals to people who like their tea a little rich.

3. I Mei milk tea (義美奶茶)

I Mei is known for quality drink products, and their milk tea is no exception. It finds an excellent balance between thickness and a smooth texture. It is not as sweet or heavy as other milk teas on the list, and makes for a great breakfast drink.

2. Morning Premium Tea (透明奶茶)

This milk tea is certainly a curiosity of the Taiwan market. The tea appears clear and has a consistency similar to water, however after a drink people may be surprised by the taste of a rich milk tea. The manufacturer explains that the drink undergoes a treatment process, where the black tea extracts and particles are removed, and whey is added to made the liquid somewhat transparent. This one may not be fore everyone, but lots of people love it.

1. Rich milk tea (厚奶茶)

This brand from I Mei recently caused a stir when crowds went a bit over board at Costco locations in Taiwan emptying shelves of the product. The tea uses high quality milk, and fifty percent black ceylon tea. The secret of the successful tea is supposedly its thickness.

Take a hint from the locals, try them all!