L for Luxgen: Crossover U6 GT and GT220 released

Taiwan's Luxgen cars better than Porsche?


Luxgen's U6 GT proves itself as a crossover vehicle. (photo courtesy Luxgen website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese automaker Luxgen (納智捷) announced last Monday that their newest models, the U6 GT and U6 GT220, are officially on the market, reported UDN

The U6 GT ranges in price from NT$779,000 to NT$955,000 (US$26,000 to US$31,600). The U6 GT220 ranges from NT$929,000 to NT$1,019,000. Over a thousand of the new models have already been sold. Luxgen announced that both models will continue to lower in price over the next few months.

So far 2017 has been a year full of fruitful innovation for Luxgen. The U5 model received exemplary marks on collision tests in Spain and received the national award for the best selling car in a foreign market. The successful features of the U5 have been integrated and improved upon in the U6 models.

To demonstrate the U6's ability as a crossover car, Luxgen invited Taiwanese and Japanese media to Autopolis, an international racing circuit in Japan, to test drive the U6 and experience its sleek strength in person. 

At an unveiling press conference, Kazutoshi Mizuno (水野和敏) said that 

the U6 has been created to outrank any upper-echelon European car.

Luxgen is offering several promotions through the end of the year, such as an exterior paint upgrade for users who order the U6 before 11/20, a NT$15,000 value, or a six year warranty, for free.