2017 WDC-AL World Cup Taiwan Open in Taoyuan

Taiwan representatives clinched many amateur categories awards


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --The WDC-AL World Cup Taiwan Open was held at Chung Yuan Christian University (中原大學) in Taoyuan City on Sunday. There were a total of 16 participating countries with a total of almost 600 contestants in the event. 

Many local contestants performed well in the competition such as Tsai Ming-Xiu (蔡明修) and Liu Ting-Jun (劉亭君), who clinched first place in the Local Amateur Latin Category, and Ye Da-Cheng (葉大誠) and Sun-Qi (孫綺), who are currently ranked first in the Amateur Modern Category.

Also, Chen Yang-Yi (陳楊奕) and Tzeng Xiao-Lei (曾小蕾) who represented Taoyuan City clinched second in the Asia Amateur Category.

Director of TISDDA Liu Shun-Yi also said that they hope to encourage more young dancers to participate in the world-class-standard events and let more Taiwanese contestants emerge on the world stage. The highlights of the WDC-AL World Cup Taiwan Open In Taoyuan are the representatives from the United States of America, the International Latin American Dance Champions Ferdinando Iannaccone and Yulia Musikhina.

The mayor of Taoyuan City Zheng Wen-Tsan mentioned that WDC-AL World Cup has always been one of the most key events in Taiwan. Ballroom dancing is a combination of strength and beauty, and this is the first time Taoyuan City collaborates with the Taiwan International Sports Dance Development Association (TISDDA) to hold the world-class ballroom dance competitions.