Regent Taipei Presents Regent Academy 2.0

Re-introducing Taipei to Foreigners and Locals Alike

To enhance the currently available tour offerings for guests, Regent Taipei presents two new Regent Academy experiences - Taipei Behind the Lens and Silks Palace: The Analects Feast. The former is an exclusive Regent Taipei experience led by our Chief Concierge and employee photography club president Alex Lai, transporting guests to the historical Dadaocheng area for an instructed photography session. The latter is Silks Palace’s unique creation inspired by the National Palace museum’s Confucius Exhibition, offering guests an opportunity to learn about Confucius teachings in the Analects through dining. These two one-of-a-kind experiences will offer the most exciting and unforgettable memories for those visiting Taipei!

The Regent Academy is Regent Taipei’s special room guest initiative launched this May, which brings together local insiders from all walks of life, offering our guests a more creative, authentic and exciting way to enjoy Taipei. Experiences such as the private baking session with Regent Taipei’s pastry chef, fragrance-making session at Regent Galleria’s CYRANO boutique and the private butler-accompanied shrimp-fishing excursion have been wildly popular with guests and the media. Regarding Regent Academy, Regent Taipei Managing Director Simon Wu states, “Each of these uniquely designed experiences possesses a strong personality and theme; it also provides local culture immersion, warmth and depth, especially appealing to millennial consumers. We strive to create a brand that not only offers lodging and dining, but also a bridge between local culture and tourists.”

One of the newly launched experiences this month is Taipei Behind the Lens. Regent Taipei concierge Alex Lai is not only the president of Regent’s employee photography club, but also the president of the Taiwan Les Clefs d’Or (Golden Keys) society; Les Clefs d’Or is one of the most exclusive and prestigious international service industry honor societies in the world. Alex Lai is also a very experienced and passionate amateur photographer with more than a decade of experience. He will embark upon this journey with Regent Taipei room guests, touring Dadaocheng, one of the oldest districts in Taipei, and instructing guests on the best techniques to capture the beauty of the area, including its famed architecture, gourmet, dried goods, Chinese medicine and so on. Another experience is Silks Palace: The Analects Feast, which brings our room guests to Silks Palace, a Regent-operated restaurant located immediately next to the National Palace museum, for guests to enjoy the Analects Feast after a tour at the world-renowned museum. Our professional gourmet history experts will explain each dish of the feast in depth - from its inspiration, the teaching in the Analects the dish reflects, the method of embodiment to its presentation, offering guests an immersive and educational gourmet experience.