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Upcoming events in Taipei for November 11 through November 20

There are plenty of things happening over the next week in Taipei

Ximen Ding Shopping Area

Ximen Ding Shopping Area

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - If you are looking for some fun activities in the Taipei area, here are some upcoming events from Nov. 11 to Nov. 20 . Take a look and start making plans!

Conventions, Festivals, and Exhibitions

This weekend (Nov. 11-12) Dajia Riverside Park will host Arcadia Taiwan Invasion 2017. The two-day event is an immersive musical and artistic experience with some of the world's top DJs performing in an environment of some incredible artistic creations.

The Taipei in Style trade show is a four day event that will be held at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taiwan from Thursday Nov. 16 through Sunday Nov.20. Be sure to come check out the latest trends in fashion and apparel.

Upcoming events in Taipei for November 11 through November 20

A photography and art exhibit entitled Project Holocene is opening this weekend. It showcases photos and drawings of endangered animals to raise awareness and advocate for their protection. It will be held from Nov. 11 to Jan. 10. The opening event is on Saturday at 2p.m.

A three day film festival showcasing experimental independent film makers opened on Friday Nov. 10, and will run through the weekend until Sunday, Nov.12. The event is titled the 2017 Partially Hypnopompic Peninsula: The Eccentric and the Divergence of Taiwan Experimental Film.

The 45th Annual IVU World Vegfest is being held in Taipei next week from Nov. 17 through the Nov. 20. If you are interested in vegetarianism or veganism, check out the series of events being hosted by the International Vegetarian Union.

The Taiwan International Tea, Coffee and Wine Expo will be held next week, opening on Nov. 17 and running for four days through Monday Nov. 21. It is being held at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1.

Upcoming events in Taipei for November 11 through November 20

The Guandu Flower Festival continues this week at the Beitou-Shilin Technology Park. Spend a leisurely day off strolling in a sea of wonderful flowers.

The Guandu International Nature Arts Festival continues this weekend. The theme is "With Paths Criss-crossing" and the event aims to highlight the relationship between man and the environment, and celebrate natural aesthetics. Come for a beautiful stroll around the outdoor exhibition in Guandu Nature Park.

Food, Drink, and Market events

If you're looking for some homemade crafts and local food products,then check out the 11/11 Autumn Market being held at two different locations in Taipei's Da'an District from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday Nov. 11.

Next weekend on Saturday Nov. 18 be sure to join the free festival Eat Drink Taipei: Fall Craft Beer and Food Festival. The event celebrates food and drink along with a healthy dose of great jazz and swing music. Sure to be a blast!

Sports and Leisure
The OEC Taipei Ladies Open will be starting this weekend on Sunday Nov. 11. It runs through all of next week until Nov. 19 at the Taipei Dome. Don’t miss this opportunity to see some incredible Tennis matches in person.

Upcoming events in Taipei for November 11 through November 20

Are you missing a little humor in your life? Try to check out the OMG Comedy Live in Taipei on Saturday night Nov. 11. Come to check out some of the funniest acts around, featuring both local and international comedians.

Music, Dance, and Entertainment

Check out an interesting outdoor event, the CHESS x POW! WOW! Taiwan Sidewalk Party hosted by Pow Wow Taiwan on Saturday Afternoon Nov. 11 from 1 to 4p.m. Listen to music from DJs, enjoy free drinks and snacks and watch a guest artist from Spain (@Dulk) finish his most newest outdoor mural.

Next Saturday on Nov. 18 come check out a Yoga Dance Party at Commune A7 near Taipei 101, from 12 p.m. to 2:30p.m. Remember to bring your own yoga mat to participate!

Fans of Latin, Jazz or Salsa should take note that the 13 piece band LA MAXIMA 79 are making a stop in Taipei next weekend on Saturday Nov. 18 as part of their Asian tour.

Every Saturday evening if you're in the mood for pizza, live music and a walk on the beach, then there is no better place for a quick escape out of Taipei. Visit Drifters Pizza Pub in Waiao, Yilan for Live Music Saturdays.

Walking Tours around Taipei

Free walking tours of Taipei sponsored by the Department of Information and Tourism are available regularly every weekend. Check out the Historic walking tour that starts at Longshan MRT Station.

Or in the afternoon, the Golden Age Walking tour is available Saturday or Sunday at 3p.m. starting at Ximen station. Both tours last about 2.5 hours, and are free of charge. Just remember to register first, and find more info on other tour options at the Like it Formosa webpage.

Regular Hangouts

If you want to put your English to use and enjoy an open forum to discuss different topics and hear presentations in English, check out the iEnglish Club English Gathering every Saturday.

The English and All Languages Meet Up 200 will meet on Sunday Nov. 12 night 8 p.m. at the Brass Monkey in Taipei. Those interested are encouraged to bring their business cards. An International Mingle also happens every Thursday evening at The Brass Monkey.

If you're looking for a small casual group to practice your English or your Chinese, consider checking out the Language Exchange Taipei which meets every Friday and Sunday.

And depending on your interests, check this list of meet up groups regularly to see if there is anything up your alley