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Woman finds foster parents 20 years later to thank them

Taiwanese woman tracks down her foster parents 20 years later to thank them

Lin Ching-mei (Left) meets with her foster father Chang Hung-chi (right) after 20 years.

Lin Ching-mei (Left) meets with her foster father Chang Hung-chi (right) after 20 years. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A woman reunited with her long lost foster parents, 20 years after they last cared for her during a difficult period in her childhood, according to a CNA report.

29-year-old Lin Ching-mei (林靜玫) went to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) in southern Taiwan's Pingtung expressing that she would like to find the foster parents that took care of her 20 years ago. The social worker opened the faded form and found her foster parents Chang Hung-chi (張鴻祺) and Kuo Chin-chin (郭巾錦) are still caring for foster children.

Lin told the social worker Huang Shu-ling (黃淑玲) that she had traveled from Taichung down to Pingtung on three separate occasions using her memories from 20 years ago to try and locate where her foster parents had lived. Each time, she would return to Taichung in tears because she was so young when she was with them and was not sure what government agency had arranged her stay with them.

It was not until she overheard a colleague talking about foster care that she remembered that she was a foster child, and therefore decided to try going to Pingtung one more time. This time around, she contacted TFCF.

Lin was accompanied by Huang when she finally was reunited with her foster parents yesterday. The moment Lin saw Huang and Kuo, the three hugged and cried. Lin immediately knelt down in front of her foster parents and according to CNA said, "Thank you for taking care of me, without you I would not be the person I am now."

Woman finds foster parents 20 years later to thank them
Lin (left) together again with Kuo (center) and Chang (right). (CNA image)

Lin told Huang that after leaving her foster parents, she pretty much raised herself. Whenever she encountered difficulties and frustrations in her life, she would remember how her foster parents taught her how to deal with setbacks.

Lin said she would think of their warm embrace and this is how she was able to continue moving forward for so many years.

Chang said that Lin as a child loved to play flute and Kuo pointed out to the windowsill where she said to play the instrument.

Lin's deepest memory of her foster father was his ability to make pastries, while her foster mother would always make a bowl of lemon shaved ice for her. During yesterday's visit, Lin was surprised to see that they had kept pictures of her from her childhood spent with them.

Huang said that according to records, Lin's mother was single and was unable to raise three daughters, so the Pingtung Government assigned the three of them to different foster families. However, after two years, the mother had the means to start caring for them again and they were returned to her.

Huang said that of the 30 foster children the couple has cared for, Lin was the second. A former employee of Taiwan Power Company, Chang first started caring for the kids because he had overcome adversity growing up himself and wanted to help them out.