I-Mei Easy Card donates to food safety

New cardholders to receive rewards


Consumer pays with I-Mei Easy Card at I-Mei store. (By Taiwan News)

I-Mei Foods CEO Luis Ko (left) and Easy Card Corp. Chairman Kenneth Lin launch a new food safety campaign. (By Taiwan News)

A choice of one out of three presents for new I-Mei Easy Card applicants. (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Owners of an Easy Card from I-Mei Foods Co. will be able to contribute to food safety in Taiwan, the food company announced Thursday.

For each NT$300 spent with the card at an I-Mei store, NT$6 will be donated to the Consumers Foundation's food safety fund, I-Mei Foods Co. CEO Luis Ko said.

The action runs from November 9 until December 31 this year, he added.

Ko said he hoped that eventually, the 600,000 to 700,000 owners of an I-Mei Easy Card would soon be able to transfer their cards to their smartphones, in effect creating a "cardless" program.

In addition, at I-Mei stores it was possible now to increase the amount of money stored inside the company's Easy Card by less than NT$100, a procedure impossible at MRT stations.

Separately, anyone applying for an I-Mei Easy Card before the end of this month can choose one out of three welcome presents. Upgrading an existing first-generation card to the Easy Card also leads to a choice between two presents, while spending NT$100 at an I-Mei store within the first three months of a card's usage will result in a double amount of points for the member, the company said.

The almost 85-year-old food company presented its new program at one of its stores on Zhongshan North Road section 2 in the presence of EasyCard Corporation Chairman Kenneth Lin and Consumers Foundation board member Chuo Cheng-hung.