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'There's no crying in baseball:' Lin Chih-sheng cries as he denies cheating

Chinatrust Brothers baseball star Lin Chih-sheng cries and denies cheating, drinking, and trying to fire manager

'There's no crying in baseball:' Lin Chih-sheng cries as he denies cheating

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Lin Chih-sheng (林智勝), who became the highest paid player in Taiwanese baseball last year, sobbed at a press conference yesterday as he denied allegations that he engaged in game-fixing, tried to oust the current manager, and drank alcohol during games.

The 35-year-old Lin, who is a member of the Chinatrust Brothers baseball team, has been caught in a whirlwind of scandals after reports by Next Magazine and Sanlih E-Television allege that former players charged with game fixing have been colluding with current players to fix recent games. On Monday, the team released seven out of nine players allegedly involved in game-fixing, sex offenses, disciplinary issues, and dubious financial dealings, according to Next Magazine.

Among the numerous accusations, fired power hitter Chiang Chih-hsien (蔣智賢) and axed relief pitcher Chen Hung-wen (陳鴻文) were allegedly paid NT$10 million to lose a game during this season, according to a source claiming to be an illegal gambling operator on a Sanlih E-Television talk show. However, this accusation has not been substantiated and prosecutors have not pursued this alleged incident.

As for Lin, Next Magazine quoted sources as saying that he had consumed alcohol during games, associated with former players engaged in illegal betting, and allegedly conspired with other players to have US manager Cory Snyder replaced with prior manager Wu Fu-lien (吳復連).

In response to the accusations that he met with former players involved in underground betting to fix games, he said "I never met with the suspects mentioned by the magazine, and I have never given my rivals an advantage (in games)."

Regarding claims that he tried to oust the current manager, Lin said, "I get along with the manager extremely well, and I have never met with others to voice dissent or stop practicing."

As for accusations that he was drunk on the field, Lin said that he had never consumed alcohol during a game, never had a hangover during a game, and that there is a strict alcohol testing mechanism in the league that prevents players from engaging in such activities.

In 2015, Lin made CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League) history by earning more than 30 home runs and 30 steals, while batting over .300 in a single season, when he finished the season with 31 home runs, 30 stolen bases and a .380 batting average.

In 2016, Lin signed a free agent contract with the Chinatrust Brothers worth NT$1.2 million (US$39,752) per month, the highest salary of any player in the CPBL.

'There's no crying in baseball:' Lin Chih-sheng cries as he denies cheating
(CNA image)

On Nov. 2, bitter rival the Lamigo Monkeys defeated the Chinatrust Brothers to capture the Taiwan Series at Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium.

Lin is also known as Ngayaw Ake, as he is a member of the Taiwanese indigenous Amis tribe.

Famous scene from "A League of Their Own" in Tom Hank's character Jimmy Dugan chastises a female baseball player for crying during a game.