Special Topic: 2017 New Taipei City Health Charity Award  Medical Education Award winner: Fan Chi-chen  

Examining sections is not only a routine for Director Fan Chi-chen at MacKay Memorial Hospital but also how he has made a mark in medicine.     

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--"The more beautiful a section is, the more serious the pathological change is.” Examining sections is not only a routine for Director Fan Chi-chen (范紀鎮) at MacKay Memorial Hospital but also how he has made a mark in medicine.     

In 2012, Fan’s wife had breast cancer and needed to have a mastectomy, the sections of which were sent to a laboratory for pathological examination. Fan said, “I’ve seen sections for more than 10 years, and one day I had to look at my wife’s specimen!” Fan said the unwillingness and distress he felt at that time was beyond description, and as he was too occupied with helping his wife, he was not in a good position to help the public effectively prevent and control cancers. 

A year later, he had the opportunity to work with the National Institute of Cancer Research at the National Health Research Institutes. Therefore, he began to study the onset of cancer, molecular mechanism of recurrence, and research into the possibility of molecular biomarkers for cancer detection. He published research results in international journals and participated in scholarly exchange. Fu has been devoted to doing research in addition to study of tissue sections over the past five years.   

In the medical circle, Fan is well received and recognized by peers for his earnest attitude toward teaching and working. Besides working hard, he has never forgotten to read and study. Fan has taken pride in his tissue section and immunostaining skills. He also had all the sections cast in wax. Therefore, whether it is tissue or antibody, Fan knows how to stain sections and keep the backgrounds clean, making every stained pathological section look like a picture. 

Four years ago, Fan first applied to his hospital for starting a research project, but was asked to explain the reason for doing the research. In response, Fan said, “Whether it is research or any other thing, keeping advancing is very important!”     
Fan said that it’s really a pleasure to be willing to do what one is capable of and share the experience with others. Take one step at a time, and there is no need to be afraid of failure, he added. 

Students who attended Fan’s classes before said that Fan was very strict, “but he always encouraged us, and in private he was like a family member.” According to them, Fan usually used “the spirit of a catcher” to encourage others, saying, “No matter a good ball or a bad ball, you should always do your best to catch the ball.” He always encouraged people not to stand still, and believed medical personnel should keep learning and sharpening their professional skills by participating in research projects and paper presentations, his students said.