Taiwan train bomber sentenced to 30 years and 4 months in prison

No appeals possible against Supreme Court verdict

Lin Ying-chang.

Lin Ying-chang. (By Central News Agency)

The scene on the train shortly after the July 7, 2016 bombing (photo courtesy of the TRA).

The scene on the train shortly after the July 7, 2016 bombing (photo courtesy of the TRA).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A man who exploded a pipe bomb on a train at Taipei’s Songshan Railway Station last year injuring 24 people saw the Supreme Court issue a final sentence of 30 years and four months in prison Wednesday.

On July 7 last year, Lin Ying-chang (林英昌), took a home-made bomb with him on a train journey from Nantou County to the north. At Banqiao in New Taipei City, he changed to a slow train headed for Keelung, but exploded his device as the train entered Songshan Station.

A total of 24 people, including one child and six youths, were injured in the blast, and the carriage was damaged to the tune of NT$1.76 million (US$58,300), the Central News Agency reported.

At first, Lin was treated as one of the victims, but due to the nature of his injuries, doctors came to the conclusion that he must have been holding the device.

The 56-year-old man had wanted to commit suicide in a way which took revenge against society for his failure to find work, the difficult relations with his family, an outbreak of cancer, and the sense that he was being discriminated against, the court said in a news release Wednesday.

The High Court first sentenced Lin to 10 years and six months in jail and a fine of NT$300,000 (US$9,900) for making illegal explosives, and to 19 years and 10 months for attempted murder for a combined sentence of 29 years and 10 months, CNA reported.

However, while the Supreme Court reportedly ruled that the High Court had made some mistake with the attempted murder charge, it decided that the facts of the case still stood, and set a prison term of 30 years and four months, reports said.