Great design

Founder of Brain Magazine advocates great design

Cleaver set with sharpener made from artillery shell remains.

Cleaver set with sharpener made from artillery shell remains. (By Wikimedia Commons)

On the 30th anniversary of Brain Magazine in 2007, we conceived of the idea of “imagination is national power,” which means that imagination is competitiveness. In 2017, we wish to advocate great design.

Tool, purpose, design

A tool is a path to finding purpose. For instance, a soda can is a tool with which the purpose is to open bottles. Designing is a tool that makes the supply and demand of all resources in order.

It is good to use your intelligence wisely; it is better to surpass your intelligence; it is the best to think beyond the wall. The Danish philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard said, before we try to surpass, we have to think beyond the limitation and make a leap of faith.

Depression is an uncured disease. Designing can make the impossible possible and turn depression into hope.

Population, explosion, problems

According to world population statistics from the UN, there are 100 million people alive during the Common Era, 1 billion people in 1800, and over 2 billion people in 1927. And then, the population shot up to over 3 billion in 1960, passed 4 billion in 1974, exceeded 5 billion in 1987, and a mere 12 years later, surpassed 6 billion in 1999.

The World population officially reached 7 billion in Oct. 2011. The population is expected to rise to 16 billion in 2100. Only when we look back, the clearer things will be.

We are facing a population explosion, famine, lack of water resources and global warming. These are the problems that cannot be ignored by designers.

Great design, Leap of Faith

Great design includes 5 conditions, national design, international design, worldwide design, modern design and design for human rights.

National design means to design for people, international design means design beyond the boundaries, worldwide design means to think beyond the external and internal appearances and have a leap of faith. Modern design is designing for human rights.

The double-heart stone trap in Penghu County is a classic example. Also, by using artillery shells, the Kinmen steel knife has become the most famous product in Kinmen and a perfect example of great design.

Great design is the power of alternating the industry and the world. Form using wisdom to go beyond the limit, we can use human rights design to strengthen the power of design. Great design is a useful tool.

Hebrews : Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. The origin of great design comes from faith.