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Taiwan Tourism Bureau hands out iPhone X handsets in hot springs contest

The latest iPhone gets rave reviews

The iPhone X.

The iPhone X. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Tourism Bureau will hand out iPhone X handsets in its latest hot springs action after the new phone won rave reviews, reports said Wednesday.

The new and expensive phone has been described as “the best iPhone ever,” even though some reviewers point out the risk of its facial recognition system going wrong, according to a report by the Reuters news agency.

On Tuesday, Apple Inc. shares on the Dow Jones rose by 1.4 percent to an all-time record high of US$169.09 (NT$5,101), partly thanks to the success of the new iPhone model.

The FaceID facial recognition system works even when the subject is wearing sunglasses, but not when some of his facial features are vague or obscured, reports said.

Apple reportedly suggests a distance from 25 to 50 centimeters from one’s face in order to achieve the best result. The iPhone X features one camera in front and two at the back, and its batteries stay alive for one day even when using energy-unfriendly apps, Reuters reported.

Considering the overall positive reviews, Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau decided to hand out the model in its latest hot springs competition. Contestants who list the 10 best hot springs across Taiwan can enter a draw which has the iPhone X as its main prize.

The contest is expected to touch off a wave of travelers trying out hot springs in various areas of the country, from Wulai in the north to Guanziling in the south and to Ruisui on the east coast, not forgetting Zhiben in Taitung County which has been around for a century.

There will be three drawings until January 10, and each time an iPhone X is the top prize, the Tourism Bureau said.