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Taiwan protests against Cambodia’s deportation of 19 citizens to China

Taiwanese fraud suspects should be handed to Taiwan: MAC

Taiwanese fraud suspects arriving from Kenya in China last year.

Taiwanese fraud suspects arriving from Kenya in China last year. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Mainland Affairs Council lodged a strong protest with China Saturday after Cambodia deported 19 Taiwanese citizens accused of telecom fraud to China instead of Taiwan.

Over the past two years, several countries in Asia, Africa and Europe gave in to Chinese demands to transfer Taiwanese scam suspects to China after Beijing argued that most of the fraud victims were its citizens.

The MAC said that through several legislative amendments regarding issues such as money laundering and organized crime, Taiwan had intensified the fight against international telecom fraud and had succeeded, in cooperation with other countries, to track down several gangs involved in the practice.

China was acting in complete disregard of bilateral cross-straits agreements on fighting crime, which would have a negative impact on relations between the two, the MAC said, according to a report in the Chinese-language Apple Daily.

According to the agreements, the Chinese authorities needed to safeguard the legal rights of the suspects and needed to allow their relatives to travel from Taiwan to visit them, the MAC said.

Only cooperation between Taiwan and China could result in an effective fight against the telecom fraud rings and catch the masterminds behind the networks, the Apple Daily quoted the MAC as saying.