Taiwanese woman accuses Taobao of selling clay model without permission

Taiwanese girl accidentally found her mini clay models selling on Chinese online shopping website

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese gamer accused Chinese online shopping websites Taobao of selling clay models that superficially resembled her without her acknowledgment.

On Tuesday, an online gamer of the Survival Game posted an article on her Facebook page saying that she unexpectedly discovered some mini clay models which looked like her, selling on Taobao but without having informed her. She denounced this act as a form of copyright infringement and described the items as "weird dolls" while asking for advice from netizens to take them down.

According to her investigation, the company behind the infringement products was Yu Fan Wan Wu (與帆玩物) which is a specialist in clay models. The company reportedly used her online photo to illegally create 5-cm-high clay models and also used her photo to advertise for the products.

The gamer said she knew nothing about their action and wanted to sue the company.

However, netizens felt doubtful about her chances of winning the case. One comment said that in the past, U.S. footwear brand Nike also became involved in a case about intellectual property on Taobao but it didn't win. Therefore, a majority of netizens said she might only have a slight chance of winning, so it would be better not to waste time and money in filing a case.

(Image from Taobao)

(Image from 爆料公社)